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March 6, 2013 by tonyberkman

XanthusKidd - A Recreational Read

For what reasons do I write? Who knows! I’d like to say I write to right the writing rites of rightfully written right rite rights, but that really wouldn’t make much sense.  

Writing, for me, is an extension of myself, in that it represents the less-inhibited, non-verbal, expressive social arena in my life.  Translation: you’re reading what I would say to you if I were perhaps more talkative.

I write how I feel, and my mood influences and often dictates content, style, and probably quality. While I usually don’t blog on personal matters, my life still heavily influences my writing. When I am happy, my blog posts are likely to be light-hearted or simply crazy. When I am feeling down, I very likely will not even post anything, but if I do, you can expect it to be melancholic or drab. When I am feeling tired, as I…

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