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March 18, 2013 by tonyberkman

Writing Table

This was created from an exercise we were given in our creative writing class: to break the rules posited by either Aristotle or Ayckbourn. I chose the latter and attempted to break ‘Obvious Rule No. 4’: use the minimum number of characters that you need.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first play I’ve written and I set myself only half an hour to write it in so please don’t judge too harshly! Feel free to let me know what you think/what could be improved. Also, sorry the post is so long.

(Mandy appears in a clinical kitchen from the garden door carrying a bundle of material. Material is spotted with blood and appears muddy. Mandy’s facial expression is one of terror. She is extremely jumpy and starts at the smallest of sounds; even the distant birds hooting with laughter outside make her rush to a corner…

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