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March 28, 2013 by tonyberkman

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The Monkey Bellhop


Open Range

First off, I’m assuming you have cable and access to On Demand content.  If not, proceed directly to Step 2 which is, “Don’t waste your time reading anymore of this. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

I knew you had cable and On Demand!  So let me first set up the circumstances in which an individual comes to watch “Open Range”.  You know how you’re trying to find a movie to watch and you go through all the pay per view stuff and nothing’s clicking that’s worth paying $4.99 for and then you go through all the free movies and first it’s by genre and nothing clicks and then in a sheer act of desperation A through L and M through Z and still nothing clicks so then you go back one more time because God forbid you pull out a book, get a jump on the…

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