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March 29, 2013 by tonyberkman

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I know this is far-flung from my usual blog posts, but the thought hit me last night and I couldn’t help but voice (or rather, type) them.

After a quick Google search, cyborgs are defined as “A fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities become superhuman by mechanical elements built into the body.”

I don’t know about you, but my eyesight depends almost solely on a piece of soft plastic that I place onto my eyeball every day/whenever I want to venture outside. And because of this, my sight has altered over time: that tiny, circular piece of material has actually affected the way my body works – and the way my brain is able to perceive the world – hence why we need eye check-ups every year or so. Similarly, individuals who have lost limbs in accidents are able to buy prosthetics, or – if one of your teeth…

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