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March 29, 2013 by tonyberkman

One Person, One World.

The list of 13 “unlawful” behaviours put together by Chinese authorities, warning Tibetans against involvement in self-immolation protests and a range of other activities deemed supportive of challenges to Chinese rule. The list has been disseminated in all towns and villages of Rebgong county.


  •  Filming self-immolation protest.
  • Seeking welfare donations.
  • Fundraising “in the name of social welfare”.
  • Urging protection of the environment or the Tibetan language.
  • Conducting prayer rituals or other religious ceremonies if these carry “overtones” of support for Tibetan independence.
  • “Intimidating” government officials.
  • Inciting self-immolation protests.
  • Obstructing the “rescue” of self-immolators by Chinese security forces.
  • Sending images or information about self-immolations to “outside separatist forces.
  • Taking pictures and filming the actual scene of self-immolation .
  • Mass gatherings.
  • Providing secret information to separatist forces,” apparently referring to Tibetan exile groups.

Source: Dossier Tibet


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