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April 2, 2013 by tonyberkman

Writing Table

In case you missed it: Part One and Part Two.

As the pile of dead animals on the deck expanded in size, Incah became more impatient.

“We’ve been fishing for hours now and I still haven’t found anything Francis or I would happily sink our teeth into,” he muttered to Abigail, cursing beneath his breath, “surely it’s the only thing left on the list by now?”

“We’ve yet to find a fish; they probably died fairly quickly once the waters became tainted with the Lord’s anger, so my guess is they’ve sunk to the bottom of the sea.”

Who eats fish anyway? Incah thought, carefully moving his net through the waters. He stood stock still on his hind legs, surveying the landscape for a glimmer of gold fur. God only knows what I’d do for a leg of leopard… He licked his lips thoughtfully and raised his head…

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