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April 7, 2013 by tonyberkman

Diary of an Internet Nobody.(Archive)

It is often said that we put our heroes on a pedestal, but I think that there’s more to it than that.
We confer a sort of immortality on them, so that when they do succumb to the inevitability of time, disease, overindulgence, or bad driving, it comes as somehow more of a shock than if it were someone we knew.

This applies to heroes of the literary world in a special way, since their legacy can be re-discovered by so many new generations down the years.
And although movie stars may have a huge fanbase, who undoubtedly mourn their passing, it doesn’t take long for movies to become dated and unfashionable, leaving their stars fading in time and memory.


Whereas we all know that the best pictures are in our heads, and that we can make any book into the biggest budget blockbuster, or the most low-tech Indie debut…

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