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April 24, 2013 by tonyberkman

Diary of an Internet Nobody.(Archive)


This time of year, I’m always being told I should be patriotic, or being asked if I’m proud to be English.


Because it’s Saint George’s day, that’s why!

This is usually when the argument starts.


My problem is, which England am I supposed to be proud of?

Is it the country that jump started the Industrial Revolution, or the one that was infamous for decades of soccer hooliganism so prevalent that it was called “the English disease”.

Do we trumpet the pride we feel for the triumphant London Olympics, or hang our heads in shame for our involvement in the slave trade?

In a world where being a nationalist is synonymous with extremism, and every discussion on immigration risks you being labelled a racist, do we celebrate our multi ethnic society, or deplore the rise of far right groups like the BNP and EDL?

National pride…

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