Why 3 do?

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That’s how our brain’s work.

When we get things done,  almost always we do 1 to 3 actions that get us the results that we want.    Despite this fact,  human beings love lists.   Perhaps this love affair with long lists stems from of our need to feel important, or secure in knowing that we have things to do.

Whatever the psychological reasons are,  if we are going to accomplish what we dream about,  it’s important to change our focus from our lists towards the most important actions that will get us to accomplish our dreams.    The difference between success, however you define it, and failure often comes down to this basic concept.   People that fail very often mistake following their lists of to-dos for doing only what’s needed to achieve their dreams.

That’s where we come into the picture.   Our purpose is to share the top 3 things we did  in our combined 400+ years of life experiences to reach our dreams.    We believe in sharing the “best” of what we discover from others.   Many… 3Dos will be  crowd-sourced and then tested against reality.   We will then share the 3Dos with you that we know work.

Connect with us if you have a specific dream and you want to know the 3Dos.     We will do our own 3Do to get them to you.


your 3Do Team

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